Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Loser's New Year's Eve Party
One of our favorite times of the year is our annual New Year's Eve Party at the Jackson's.  Some years we are more losers than others.  This year, there were only three couples, and I was the biggest loser of all.  We play an intense game of spoons, and the winner gets to take the spoon trophy home for the year.
Here's Karron, getting ready to play, this girl takes her spoons seriously!

Dennis, putting on his game face. 

The girls round!

Dennis and Karron in the final round, Dennis was the winner!

Kenna, pull string, jerk!

Ice Castles

There are ice castles in Midway, so we went up for New Year's day.  They were pretty amazing, and when it got dark they lit them up.  It was really crowded, but I'm still glad we went.  It was kind of surreal and other-worldly.  So awesome!!

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